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Sweet Tidings from England!

Hello Precious One!

I got the sweetest surprise from England the other day. Gillian, a One King Coordinator in Guildford Surrey, United Kingdom sent me a personalized Kit Kat bar as a thank you for her One King experience! Gillian said, “Thank you so much for this lovely course. I feel I have learnt so much about the Catholic Church and it has been like a retreat.” I know from previous emails that Gillian and her mum have lost several “stone.” The British measure their weight in stones.

Another member emailed last week and said, “This program is healing my life.”

These are really the best things I could hear! I am so thankful to God for inspiring and using this program in such amazing ways. The world can either call us toward God or away from Him. The importance of always staying close to God and moving toward Him throughout the day cannot be overstated. Making time for God in special way by participating in Light Weigh where you learn about the Catholic Faith and deepen your relationship with Jesus on a weekly and daily basis, allows Him to heal your life and is very powerful. Learning about the Saints who have followed Him and lived in imitation of Him, gives us fresh inspiration in our own lives to stay connected to Jesus fully.

Continue to grow close to Jesus this Lent, and imitate Him as you live Light Weigh Classic or Light Weigh One King in your life. The Catholic Faith is the true universal faith, where we are connected in the best way, by believing in the Messiah Jesus Christ and the fullness of truth He founded in the Catholic Church. Though Gillian and I have never met and are an ocean apart, we are connected in Christ and the Church He founded. I cannot help but thank God in a special way, for a practicing English Catholic like Gillian. England is a country where Catholics were horribly persecuted and where great anti-Catholic prejudice still exists. Gillian not only brings God great joy, she brings St. Augustine of Canterbury, St. Thomas More, St. John Fisher, Blessed Margaret Pole, St. Margaret of Clitherow, St. Anne Line, the Forty Martyrs of England & Wales, St. Edmund Campion, Blesseds Fr. Mark Barkworth & Fr. Roger Filcock, St. John Rigby, St. Henry Walpole, Blessed James Bell & John Finch, Blesseds Fr. John Cornelius, Thomas Bosgrave, John Cary & Patrick Salmon, St. Margaret Ward and St. Philip Howard great joy! These great British Catholic Saints were perfectly united to Christ in the Catholic Church and are found in both my Saints feast day cookbooks designed to help you feed your family and build the knowledge of the Faith in your family. These English Saints sacrifices their very lives for Christ and His Church. May they continue to inspire us!

Love in Jesus and Mary,


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