“Good Will & Warmth”

Hello Precious One!

Yesterday at Mass I heard the story of a French TV repairman, Serge Francois, who suffered from a herniated disc in his back, which caused his left leg to have “unbearable flashing pain” and paralysis. He had undergone two surgeries to correct the problem and both were unsuccessful. In desperation, Serge went on a diocesan pilgrimage to Lourdes on April 12, 2002. There, while he was in prayer, after a few minutes the pain was replaced by an ‘“intense sensation of good will and warmth’ which continued until the paralyzed limb completely recovered.” In thanksgiving for this Lourdes miracle from God, Serge walked the Way of St. James, a 1000 mile pilgrimage through France and Spain to the Shrine of Santiago de Compostela. The cure was found to be complete and lasting and is listed as the 68th miraculous cure accepted by the Church from Lourdes. After the Church investigation Bishop Delmas said, “It is certain that Mr. Serge Francois was totally and permanently cured at Lourdes.”

As my priest said yesterday, “God still does miracles!” God worked this miracle, but it took some human effort to get to Lourdes and some human effort to pray. It is yet another example of what can happen when we unite to God and make effort! The very uniting to God combined with effort is an act of faith! Jesus - The Holy Name of Our Savior Lord and King, is so beautiful. Jesus is the greatest Gift and it was His power that was working in Lourdes through the intercession of Our Lady. Palm Sunday is coming this Sunday! Prepare your heart this week and next, by drawing closer to Our Lord through prayer and sacrifice, uniting and effort. We are so blessed to know Jesus in the fullness of truth of the Catholic Church! Appreciate Him. Unite with Him. Love Him above all else. Worship Him only. This is The Way.

Love in Jesus & Mary,


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