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Holy Week!

Hello Precious One!

Yesterday my priest said at Mass, “This week take some time. Do not rush and be distracted. This Holy Week, take time to connect with and appreciate Jesus.” I could not agree with anything more! We have experienced so much leveling in society and even in the Church, where it is easy to become confused and begin to swirl all religions together and think of them as all “good.” This approach is invitingly politically correct, but it could not be a bigger insult to Christ and ultimately a bigger lie.

I read a secular article that stated, “Whether you are a follower of Christ or not, no one can deny His immense impact on the world.” If you want to look at the effect of other religions and their founders (none of which were God), look at the countries where those religions are practiced. It speaks for itself. No where in the world are people better off than in Christian countries or even formally Christen countries, such as Russia. Even in formerly Christian countries you see that special beauty that does not exist elsewhere. Jesus Christ has done more for the world and the protection of men, women and children, than anyone else who ever walked the face of the earth. This blessing is so great, that it even impacts nonbelievers who go to Christian countries where they are allowed to experience a freedom that is not experienced in their countries of origin. This freedom has to do with governments that are built on the foundation of Jesus Christ and His principles.

Before political correctness tries to overcome this in your heart – stop and appreciate Christ. Appreciate all the envy, jealousy, derision, minimization, pain, abandonment, suffering, loneliness and betrayal Jesus suffered on earth for you. Do not minimize Jesus Christ the Messiah, Son of God, third Person of the Trinity. Do not minimize Jesus Christ who is The Answer, not one of many. Do not minimize Jesus Christ who Sacrificed Himself out of love for many. Appreciate Him and never minimize in your heart the immensity of what He accomplished for those who would accept and love Him above all else.

Jesus Christ is my Lord and King – and Him only will I serve.

Love in Jesus and Mary,


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