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May Day! Lost 40!

Hello Precious One!

Happy May Day! This day belongs to Our Lady and to St. Joseph the Worker, but the communists tried to co-opt it. This is just another example of keeping our focus where it needs to be, but also not ignoring the enemy and his workings in the world. Staying out denial is important, because it protects you. We live in a time when denial is promoted and encouraged.

Mayday! - Said three times is also a call for distress. Hopefully you do not feel like calling "Mayday!" on your Light Weigh journey! Maria called to report she has lost 40 pounds, cooks from my Building the Family Saints cookbooks daily and her doctor halved her cholesterol medication - Again! But how is she doing this!? Maria is FOLLOWING Light Weigh One King, has a group, is using her materials and using my cookbooks. Using my cookbooks means she is eating great tasting food. What does great tasting food have to do with all this? More than you might think.

In the Light Weigh series I point out how important it to eat food that tastes really good and not eat food where the taste has been removed. If you cook and follow the recipes in my cookbooks you will actually find peace with food comes, because you are eating great tasting food! Eating great tasting food is part of the puzzle and allowing yourself not to feel deprived is important for success. This can seem counter intuitive, but even Archbishop Naumann commented he liked getting to have great tasting food on Light Weigh! It is why good restaurant parking lots are always packed. People want to eat great food and on Light Weigh One King and Light Weigh Classic, you can!

Light Weigh programs lead you to health in so many areas. A study just released by the American Heart Assoc. points to diet sodas leading to an increased risk of stroke (triple risk!) and dementia. Diet soda drinks "were associated with an increased risk of ischemic stroke (blood clot in brain), all-cause dementia, and Alzheimer's disease dementia." A Boston University School of Medicine study found drinking one diet soft drink a day caused a three times risk of ischemic stroke or being diagnosed with dementia, as compared with people who did not consume diet soda.

If you are doing and following Light Weigh in May ~ you are doing a fantastic thing!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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