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Registered Nurse Glory Story!

I am a Registered Nurse and a health nut, but food controlled me! I was so tired of overeating and under eating! I had been praying for God to help me when I saw the One King announcement in my parish bulletin. I knew it was an answer to my prayers and that I had to join. Prior to One King I was always sabotaging myself. I would wait too long to eat, then eat too much and too fast, never feeling satisfied and I was obsessed with sweets.

What Suzanne teaches in One King, definitely works! I loved the videos, the stories about all the Saints and learning about portion sizes. One King was such an amazing spiritual class! One King allowed me to focus on Jesus the Living Water and stop over eating before dinner. The tools in the program really helped me and I found the journal and videos were the most help. The days when I journaled were always better. Initially when I started doing One King I was over tempted and afraid to trust. I realized I was eating when I was bored and as Suzanne says - when you are bored, you are bored for God. I grabbed God and not food, and found that if I could even do it for a minute, then the temptation would be gone! Before One King I was overly attached to sweets, but now knowing that I can have sweets I have detachment from them. I find since One King I enjoy real food more and no longer automatically go to sugary snacks.

One King really opened my eyes spiritually and also opened my eyes to how I was eating. Besides journaling, I always tried to leave the area and do something else when I was tempted as Suzanne suggests. I would just distract myself with a task or the Rosary or my journal and it really worked. I have found peace with food and I am so thankful for Light Weigh One King!


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