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Tiring of Vigilance?

Hello Precious One!

Are you getting tired of meeting? Thinking about “just taking a break this summer?” I am here to tell you taking a summer break from Light Weigh is the worst decision you can make and will seriously undermine your progress.

What you should be asking yourself is “Why do I want to take a break from vigilance this summer?” We are in the business of taming our wills by conforming them to God’s will. We are learning to put God, and not our own desires first. By pursuing this in Light Weigh programs, you are doing more for God, yourself and your family than anything else you could possibly do. By achieving weight-loss and peace with food, you will impact your physical, mental and spiritual health in incalculable ways, impact your immediate world and your eternal life. Is this something to take a break from?

If soldiers are fighting a war and making progress, would it be smart to quit and go home for the summer?

We just had the 100 year anniversary of Fatima on Saturday. Mary appeared to the children in order to tell the world that God was not happy with how His children were behaving. Mary gave the children two remedies – Pray the Rosary & Penance. Both praying the Rosary and penance are individual decisions practiced for the most part outside of church. Many Catholics took a break from praying the Rosary and penance and became lax in the process – the fruit of this has not been good.

The bottom line is this – when you are faithful to God, there is no taking a break. We need to stay invigorated; adding new members to our group if possible (which spreads the practice of prayer and penance) and keeping ourselves challenged in Light Weigh Classic or One King is the way to progress this summer.

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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