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Holy Spirit Help!

Hello Precious One!

Yesterday we celebrated the great blessing of the Feast of Pentecost! So many in our Catholic Faith are becoming detached from the facts of our Faith, and this is one reason Light Weigh and One King our such important evangelization programs, as well as health programs.

The Jews had gathered in Jerusalem to celebrate the Shavuot, which commemorates the giving of the Torah, the books in the Old Testament we refer to as the Pentateuch (Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy). The

Apostles were praying for nine days with Mary the Mother of God, since the Ascension of Jesus into heaven, in the upper room because they were afraid of the Jews. On the ninth day of praying, the promise Jesus Christ made to them to send a Paraclete was fulfilled. Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to them, to lead them into full understanding, give them courage and enable them to speak in different languages so they could proclaim God’s fullness of truth found in Christianity throughout the world. This is why we celebrate Pentecost!

Pentecost is so significant on so many levels and teaches us so much!!!

Freedom from fear: The Apostles were human, like you and me, but the Holy Spirit enabled them to overcome the fear that had crippled most of them at the Crucifixion and be freed from this fear. Fear would have kept them from fulfilling their mission from God and proclaiming the truth of Christ and Gospel. How is fear binding you?

Speaking the truth: Confusion is not present when the Holy Spirit is present. The Apostles were no longer confused about their mission and arguing among themselves. They were able to speak the truth without fear – not pussy foot around or feel they had to become everyone’s friend. Are you afraid to just speak the truth?

Persevered and prayed for 9 days with Mary: It is no accident that Mary, the Mother of God and dispenser of all graces earned by Jesus on the Cross, was present when the Holy Spirit came upon them. The Apostles persevered and prayed for nine days when they did not know what else to do. This is the origin of our novenas in Catholicism and shows us the power of turning to God when we could just sit there or just eat. Are you persevering and turning to God first?

The Apostles were open and seeking: The Apostles were actively seeking help from God and did not fight help when He sent it! You can fight the Holy Spirit, through doubt and hardness of heart. This is why surrender to the Holy Spirit is so important. Are you fighting God or surrendering?

With God all things are possible: What the Apostles show us is the BEST example of what can happen when we turn to God and ask the Holy Spirit to come into our hearts and then act. We then have God working through us and helping us in every way. Are you trying to do everything yourself or being more docile and allowing God to direct and work through you?

If you are feeling discouraged or need help, practice the power found in these steps. It is a new day. We love and serve an all powerful, all good, all loving God who wants to help us! The Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit are the best friends we could have. Ask the Holy Spirit into your heart today and for the next nine days!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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