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Eclipse & Fall

Hello Precious One!

Yesterday was the eclipse (the picture was taken through protective glasses). In my area it did not go totally dark, but a strange, darkish dusk moved in and the light was very different than a normal dusk. The cicada locusts, which normally start in the evening as the sunsets, started up and then stopped when the light returned. It was very unusual to see that darkness move in at 1:07 in the afternoon.

I had a spiritual insight as I looked at the shadows becoming less distinct as the light waned and the darkness moved in. My insight is - as spiritual darkness spreads, for many, the distinctness of God’s way, becomes blurred and softened. We may begin to not totally “go dark,” but also not stay “totally light,” as in not stay with God’s way totally. We begin to rely more and more on our own judgment, which makes the boundaries God sets down less distinct and more blurred. We may kid ourselves and say the boundaries are not blurred, just softened. Softened sounds nicer; after all, who wants to be harsh? Gray is the new white – right?

Wrong. Jesus said I am the light of the world for a reason. Light allows us to “see” if we will but have the spiritual eyes. Which now brings me to eating! When you go gray in Light Weigh you do not progress. I got a call yesterday from a woman who said her group is struggling. They meet, but don’t add new members & have stopped using the tools because their books are all written in - #Stagnation.

My advice for success this fall:

  1. Reserve your room.

  2. Schedule your Orientation (when you plan to meet normally).

  3. Do the Hustle! Promote your Orientation in the bulletin for two weeks, on social media, put the word out to friends, have them tell their friends, other Bible study groups, put up the poster & put flyers in your parish and other parishes if possible – have the whole group help with this. See attachments below.

  4. Sign up & order.

  5. Pray for zeal! Make sure *you are staying with the Light Weigh meeting format. If the meeting does not start on time or goes long or turns into a moaning session, people get turned off and quit coming.

  6. Go into fall with MOMENTUM and you will be amazed how things click along – IF you do your part and pedal the bike!

Get going and you will get losing! Health and feeling good is worth it. Peace with food is #Freedom. Don’t go gray – go Light Weigh!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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