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What Members Are Saying

Hello Precious One!

Today witches (yes they are for real) are gathering as they do at every waning moon to place a binding hex on President Trump, our duly elected president. This is the first time a president has experienced a spiritual attack that is so organized, vlagrant and open - which if you are a thinking person, should tell you something regardless of your politics. Pray for President Trump and our country, each day, but especially today. I am praying for the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost to reverse the curse on those who make it.

Here are some things I have heard from members that hopefully will inspire you.

"I was praying for a year to find this program. I could never understand how my friend could say she was detached from food. LWOK has pulled it all together for me and I love it." Catholic School Teacher

"I have been blessed with a sweet baby boy. It was a very challenging pregnancy, I gained 80lbs. Through the steps I have learned using light weigh I have lost 50 of that weight so far. It has been such a great journey since I started light weigh and I'm so grateful for your program and all you continue to do. Thank you again and may God continue to bless you all." Michelle

"We have added four new members and it has made a difference for us all. It reminded us veterans we can do this!" Rhonda

"I was shy, so a friend helped me get a group going. She didn't even need to lose weight, but she joined to support me. I thank God for her and for this program - 28 pounds and counting. My back and knees feel better and it is easier to get around. Thank you!" Maureen

"I made the Merciful Queen Eight Layer Cake from your Building the Family Saints Cookbook 1, on Mary's birthday and my family and I loved it! I have kept losing weight, even after I thought I would stop and have now lost 42 pounds on LWOK. I might have over indulged a little on the cake, but I am back on track now." Maria

"I gained some weight back when I quit following LW eating, but I am back to reconnect and lose what I gained. Your program is the answer Suzanne, because God and our Catholic Faith is the answer." Louise

"When I quit journaling, I quit losing." Kim

Whenever I hear the tentative hope in anyone's voice who joins, it deeply touches me. As someone who struggled with her weight her entire life and truly had a weak will when it came to food, I tell you what worked for me and for others.

Use your tools & journal daily.

Do not be hard on yourself, but review yourself each night using the journal.

Find something that touches your heart that you want to help: someone you know or don't know, a stranger you heard about, a situation, even yourself.

Do not pray for strength - instead pray for grace.

Do the Bible study, keep your meeting on track & do not undermine what God is doing. If you have an issue, struggle or question call or write us - we want to help you.

Pray the Rosary,


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