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Good Things are Coming!

Hello Precious One!

Holy Week shows us so much about life and even our own expectations. Palm Sunday, in the world's eyes, is the victory parade of Jesus. He had just called Lazarus back from the dead, resurrecting Lazarus, and foreshadowing the life promised to each of us who accept Jesus as our only Lord and King.

We all want the victory Jesus, and there is nothing wrong with that, because He is the victory Jesus! But we need to unite our hearts to and accept fully, the suffering Jesus, because it is the suffering persevering Jesus that brought and brings the complete victory! It is a temptation in our weight-loss or other temptation struggle, to want to bypass the suffering perseverance part. We want the victory and we want it now! But the victory of Christ was accomplished after the ultimate Sacrifice. Palm Sunday was followed by the institution of the Mass, bitter betrayal, lies and false witness, horrific treatment including physical, emotional and public suffering that no mere man could have endured, which ended (in the world's eyes) with the Crucifixion. But good things are coming. Because after all the suffering The Lamb of God endured for us, when things seemed darkest, done and buried - *Jesus, fully man and fully God, resurrected Himself from the dead and defeated death permanently for all those who believe in Him and follow the one true God and His precepts.

Life is a series of highs and lows, but when we remain steadfast and faithful to Jesus, good things are coming. The world wants to make you doubt this fact. Life in a world that has never recovered from the original sin of Adam and Eve, can wear us down. But Jesus came so we would have the antidote to our suffering and struggles. Jesus showed us everything we need to know in Holy Week. No matter what happens, as long as you stay united to God, He will bring good from it. Suffering is valuable, but ONLY if it is united to the suffering of Christ on the Cross. Suffering un-united to the Cross is like dirt. Suffering united to the Cross is gold.

Good things are coming when we can move through the pain and suffering with Jesus by staying united to Him and imitating Him. In following the Way, we will be freed.

Trust Jesus! Good things are coming!


*Men and women were resurrected by Christ in the New Testament and in the Old Testament by some of God's prophets, but no man has ever resurrected himself. Jesus, because He is God, is capable of resurrecting Himself. Archbishop Fulton Sheen made a point of this fact! Pull a group together this spring!

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