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Don't Quit

Hello Precious One!

Do not quit for the summer. When you take the summer off, you lose the progress you have made in One King or Light Weigh. Over and over I see groups that continue do better, lose more weight and continue to make progress in all areas.

I was just told by a Phoenix Arizona LWOK member, "I love this program! But I see you get out of it what you put into it. I am ready to put more into it this summer and lose more than the 15 pounds I have lost. I love the saints!"

This spring I have been gardening like crazy and here are my parallels and takeaways for you -

Gardens and groups require regrouping and maintenance.

When you have a garden you must take stock and maintain what is planted. In Light Weigh it means you must be engaged and use your weekly meeting to regroup each week! You cannot not "do" the program and expect success. Regrouping means accessing what you are doing and not doing for success. If you use your journal daily, which is based on St. Ignatius of Loyola, you will automatically be pulled into a successful rhythm. If you are not doing this try to figure out what you are running from? What do you fear? The journal is a form of daily maintenance that will not fail you if used!

Gardens and groups require removing what is dead and planting new things.

This means you have to stop deadening attitudes like complaining or reinforcing not following the program. Add some new things in the Light Weigh arsenal to bring the program to life. God wants you to do Light Weigh One King or Light Weigh and He will help you with His grace, so what can you do that will help you be faithful to Him? Look at your spiritual growth kit and try something new.

Gardens and groups require water.

You cannot fight this. What is spiritual water? The Bible Study, the journal, the DVD's, all the things in your spiritual growth kit. Spiritual water will cause you to flourish and be successful! Do not keep yourself in a spiritual drought or refuse to progress.

Gardens and groups will be attacked and need protection.

Gardens need chicken wire fences or the new growth and plants will be chewed to nubs. Groups will be possibly attacked through complainers, challengers and people who are unknowingly being used by the darkside to thwart spiritual growth when people are moving closer to God. The best defense is prayer and sacrifice for the group and keeping to the meeting schedule. The Holy Spirit embodies Light Weigh programs and we know this from the fruit of the programs, which is only possible with God!

Authentic Catholic programs are more important now than ever! Many programs tickle the ears or through passive instruction and participation call nothing out the individual. Ear tickling programs are new thoughts and perspectives - which are rampant. Stay with the tried and true. Light Weigh programs are based on SOLID Catholic doctrine and dogma. St. Paul warns us in this weeks side Scripture. We are living in the time St. Paul warned about. St. Paul would have fully supported Light Weigh programs.

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord,


Summer bulletin announcement.

P.S. Our oldest daughter, Catherine Fowler Sample will be appearing on The World Over with Raymond Arroyo on EWTN to talk about her film, The Dating Project on May 31, 2018.

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