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Great Glory Story!

Hello Precious One!

I want to thank Toby for sharing her One King Glory Story with us and giving God the spotlight & glory! She gets it. It's not about me, it's not about what "she's done," it's about what God has done in her life through Light Weigh One King.

"I have lost 20 pounds on Light Weigh One King and I love the program. God sent One King into my life at the perfect time when my friend invited me to join the parish group. I knew I was stress eating and when she invited me, I knew the Lord had sent this into my life. One King helped me to lose weight and more. I lost 20 pounds, but it has helped in other areas of my life too. My anxiety is all but gone, I handle stress better, I use the tools to calm myself and I take things to the Lord, not food.

I love that losing weight with One King is not about yourself. It is about God's Kingdom and doing the powerful work for the Lord's Kingdom by praying for the prayer intentions of others. I would tell anyone to embrace Light Weigh One King. Give God the time and you won't be disappointed. One King really helps you in all areas: mind, body & spirit. I love One King! God Bless you all, Toby"

This is a fantastic time to pull a group together, so don't overcomplicate it - just do it. You will be slimmer by Thanksgiving and not dreading the holidays!

Yours In Christ The Risen Lord!


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